Alissa Portman Beard is an Atlanta-based interior designer who has a remarkable ability to transform spaces by bringing her clients’ ideas and inspirations to life. She holds degrees in both interior design and fashion design (from the University of Georgia and the Fashion Institute of Technology) and credits this unique blend of experience for her innovative and original approach to design. The years Alissa spent working as a fashion designer and color specialist in New York City honed her expertise in both color palettes and fabrics and gave her with a deep appreciation for clean lines and sophisticated silhouettes. This exquisite attention to detail embodies Alissa’s design aesthetic and shapes the way that she envisions and creates spaces. As a designer who knows that not everyone’s budget is as big as their ideas, Alissa prides herself on finding creative ways to help cost-conscious clients design their dream spaces. She has a client base that spans the southeastern United States and occasionally reaches up to New York and New England.